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 Our Trip to the Oriental Institute 

in Chicago            

  After a 20 minute drive in several cars, we boarded a Metra train on into the city of Chicago. It was a six block walk after disembarking the train through a nice neighborhood. We arrived at the Oriental Institute about the time it opened (10:00 AM). It has a fine collection of ancient artifacts, all from the areas where early Biblical history took place. Many of these have  Biblical significance, and that was where our main interest was focused.

All aboard! Some more of us are sitting in the upper section of the "double decker" Metra train



                                            Some of us standing in the entrance gallery

Below is the Table of Contents

For the most part, these are in chronological order. There were many more artifacts to be seen at the museum from each period and nationality. These are simply the highlights, especially with reference to the historical narratives of the Bible. The dates below are the dates of the artifacts themselves, not the beginning and ending dates of the nations mentioned

Table of Contents

Egyptian artifacts;  2000-400 BC.

Egyptians artifacts 2000-400 BC. 

Canaanite artifacts;  1200-700 BC.

Israelite & Assyrian artifacts;  ca. 900 BC.

Assyrian artifacts;  884- 680 BC.

Assyrian artifacts;  884- 680 BC.

Babylonian & Persian artifacts; ca. 600 BC.

Persian artifacts; ca. 520-465 BC.

 Between the Testaments; 200 BC-70 AD.

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