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Our Trip to the Oriental Institute in Chicago

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    Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III (left) shows the Assyrian king receiving tribute from King Jehu of Israel. Though this particular tribute is not mentioned in the Bible, the   Biblical  historical record does confirm that Israelite kings did this (2 Kings 17:3). Some think Jehu, as an usurper,  was trying to buy aid from Shalmaneser III to battle Hazael (2 Kings 10:31-ff)

823 BC



Enlarged view of the section showing Jehu. (right)  The kneeling figure would be a depiction of Jehu bowing before Shalmanesar III








This huge fellow stood guard at King Sargon IIís palace. Sargon carried away many of Israel into Assyrian captivity. This was in accordance with the
words of Isaiah, who was contemporary with Sargon, as well as other prophets back to Moses who had warned that if Israel committed idolatry that they would suffer captivity.  (Isa. 20:1) 722 BC





Table of Contents

Egyptian artifacts;  2000-400 BC.

Egyptians artifacts 2000-400 BC. 

Canaanite artifacts;  1200-700 BC.

Israelite & Assyrian artifacts;  ca. 900 BC.

Assyrian artifacts;  884- 680 BC.

Assyrian artifacts;  884- 680 BC.

Babylonian & Persian artifacts; ca. 600 BC.

Persian artifacts; ca. 520-465 BC.

 Between the Testaments; 200 BC-70 AD.

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