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Our Trip to the Oriental Institute in Chicago

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Between the Testaments


This fragment of an ancient document came from the Dead Sea Scrolls. This piece consists of religious  teaching from the period  we call “between the Testaments.”  
 For example,  line 4 says, ”with humble heart beseech Him”
ca. 200 BC-70 AD


Between the Testaments

This is an ossuary and lid from around the time of Jesus. It was used in tombs. After the decay of the
body, the bones would be gathered and placed in a small box and stored on a shelf, making way for others.
Jesus’ body was laid in a “new” tomb… empty shelves; no bodies or ossuaries
(John 19:41).
70 BC – 70 AD













That’s all folks! Time to go eat. 2005 AD

Table of contents

Egyptian artifacts;  2000-400 BC.

Egyptians artifacts 2000-400 BC. 

Canaanite artifacts;  1200-700 BC.

Israelite & Assyrian artifacts;  ca. 900 BC.

Assyrian artifacts;  884- 680 BC.

Assyrian artifacts;  884- 680 BC.

Babylonian & Persian artifacts; ca. 600 BC.

Persian artifacts; ca. 520-465 BC.

 Between the Testaments; 200 BC-70  


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