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Our Trip to the Oriental Institute in Chicago

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Altar built during Solomonís reign at  His fortress city of Megiddo. Though  probably used in worship of Jehovah, it was not Scripturally  correct to do so, God had designated Jerusalem for  such activity. 

 ca.  900 BC



Now Solomon loved the LORD, walking in
 the statutes of his father David, except he
sacrificed and burned incense on the high
 places (1 Kings 3:3)




Sometimes the Old Testament refers to
the "horns of the altar" referring to the four
projections at the upper corners.







To the north, Assyria was gaining power under  Ashernaurpal II and others. It was beginning to expand and Ashernaupal IIís son, Shalmeneser, would later receive tribute from King Jehu and other Israelite kings. This minor Assyrian deity was found at the Assyrian capital city of Nimrud, built by Ashernaurpal II.
ca. 884-859 BC

Table of Contents

Egyptian artifacts;  2000-400 BC.

Egyptians artifacts 2000-400 BC. 

Canaanite artifacts;  1200-700 BC.

Israelite & Assyrian artifacts;  ca. 900 BC.

Assyrian artifacts;  884- 680 BC.

Assyrian artifacts;  884- 680 BC.

Babylonian & Persian artifacts; ca. 600 BC.

Persian artifacts; ca. 520-465 BC.

 Between the Testaments; 200 BC-70 AD.

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