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How To Study the Bible

A Seven Step Plan



1. Preliminaries ... pages 2-3

2. A Seven Step Plan... pages 4-5

3. Concordances & column references... pages 6-8

4. Examples... pages 9-13

5. Exercises... page 14

Many do not study the Bible as they should, but for differing reasons. One reason is simply unbelief. They do not believe that the Scriptures are the inspired word of God. I can understand the reluctance of one to begin such a great undertaking if he or she has decided that they do not believe that the Bible is the word of God.

But many believers do not study it as they should either. Sometimes it is because they still have too much of the world in them and so their focus is not clear. They are not willing to devote the time and energies necessary to Bible study because of conflicts with less important things. Until such a one becomes more aware of the serious nature of spiritual things, there probably will not be a whole lot of interest in Bible study.

But sometimes believers who crave spiritual growth are hesitant because Bible study is such a daunting task. But like any task, it should be taken a little bit at a time. We do not have to study the whole 1000 plus page book in one setting. Today, we can tackle a passage. Tomorrow, we'll take on another. If one builds a house, he begins with a plan. He certainly does not build the roof first. He lays a foundation in a good place and proceeds from there. He will finish the foundation before going on to the sub floor. He does not even need to think about the roof yet, it's day will come.

"How to Study the Bible" is a seven step plan. It is simply an organized method of Bible study. I have actually combined a few items from at least two different methods in this plan, altered them a little, and added another item that I thought was important and helpful. God bless you in the study of His word.

Jon W. Quinn


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