Church Search Assistance

When traveling, you might want to use these tools to help you to locate a place to worship. These links will take you to other websites.

Find the Church This site gives very thorough information on the churches it includes, complete with times and maps and directions, and in most cases, even a photo of the church building. It also has a link to the churches' web pages. It lists over 500 congregations in the USA, so it is not as extensive as other lists which have a greater number of churches.

Churches of Christ Online This site includes the ability to search by putting in a zip code, or even a partial zip code. For example, "60915" will find the Bradley Church of Christ" while "609" would give about three other churches in addition to Bradley. It also has maps showing location, and addresses and phone numbers. It has more listings than "Find the Church" above, but not as much info on each listing.

Locate an Assembly of Christians Anywhere in the World This list is multinational in scope. It's U.S. listings are more complete than the "Find the Church" and "Churches of Christ" listings above, but do not give as much information. Also, you must fill in the correct town. It will only return a church in that specific town (i.e. If you put "Kankakee" you will not be informed of Bradley... you would have to put "Bradley").

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