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"You Have Slaughtered My Children"
By Jon W. Quinn

     "You have slaughtered My children, and offered them up unto 
idols by causing them to pass through the fire." (EZEK 16:21). 
What an incriminating charge to make! Israel had borrowed the 
abhorrent practice of offering up their children in sacrifice to 
the idols of the heathen nations around them. But notice how God 
refers to their children as "My children"! As the innocents were 
slaughtered in ritual, and the pagan celebrations continued with 
feasts and immorality, who thought that God would take it all so 
personally? It was just a party. I suppose that even the most 
vile of acts can become acceptable when "everybody" starts doing 
it. Get some movie stars, journalists, clergymen and politicians 
on the bandwagon and any wickedness can be "proven" right and any 
righteousness can be "proven" wrong.
     These people of Ezekiel's day must have really been 
dreadfully depraved to have partaken in such horrible practices! 
Didn't they love their children anymore? How did they feel toward 
human life? How did they feel toward family and friends? Were 
they so far gone that even the most natural of human affections 
seemed foreign to them? Tragically, for the most part, that 
society had plunged over a waterfall from which there was no 
return without a complete overhaul.
    I am fearful that we are today rapidly approaching the same 
waterfall. Already, the current may be too swift to stop without 
a major breakdown of our society. Don't we love our children 
anymore? How do we feel toward human life? Toward family and 
friends? Are the most natural of human affections becoming 
foreign to us? Before you answer, please know that over twenty 
million innocent, living unborn human babies have been 
slaughtered in our nation since 1973.

     "And it came about that when Elizabeth heard Mary's 
greeting, the baby leaped in her womb..." (LUKE 1:41). Isn't it 
interesting that a "baby" leaped in Elizabeth's womb rather than 
an embryo or a fetus? I'm not against using these terms, but 
sometimes they are used to dehumanize the child yet to be born. 
It is important to know that God never makes this kind of 
distinction between the born and the unborn. He uses the same 
word, "brephos" for the infant whether several months before 
birth (LUKE 1:44) or after the birth (LUKE 2:12). As far as the 
God is concerned, a baby is a baby from conception, so to abort 
one calls for the same charge God made long ago: "You have 
slaughtered My children".
     "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. and before you 
were born I consecrated you..." (JEREMIAH 1:5). There has been 
speculation as to when human life begins. Some say that a fetus 
is human only when it is able to survive outside the womb. Others 
say only after taking its first breath of air. Some set arbitrary 
times such as at three months or six months. The Bible places 
personhood at conception.
     Isn't it amazing that our system allows the following to 
occur every day in our country? Two rooms at a hospital side by 
side. Two women admitted to the hospital in the same condition; 
they are each pregnant. One woman is due in four months but has 
gone into labor. Emergency measures are taken, the baby is born 
and thanks to modern technology the baby survives and even 
flourishes. No one questions the fact but that a human life has 
been saved! But in the other room the baby is due to be born in 
three months. However, the woman has decided to have an abortion. 
Her baby is more developed than the baby in the other room, but 
she is assured that her baby is not yet a human being! How can 
such make any sense at all to any rational mind? As God has said, 
"You have slaughtered My children".

     "For My people are foolish, They know Me not; They are 
stupid children, and they have no understanding. They are shrewd 
to do evil, But to do good they do not know" (JER 4:22). The 
people of Jeremiah's day were "shrewd to do evil". The Lord has 
warned, "Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who 
substitute darkness for light and light for darkness...who are 
wise in their own eyes, and clever in their own sight!" (ISAIAH 
5:20,21). There is a reason abortion advocates use terms like 
"family planning" to describe their business. The whole slant 
they use is deceiving. Truly they are "shrewd" about it, 
referring to anyone who believes in the sanctity of human life 
from conception as "evil". If a man opposes abortion it is 
charged that it is only because "men don't have babies". The task 
is to get people thinking in any direction but the fact that when 
an abortion takes place, a human life has been taken.
     Most abortions are performed as a birth control measure. 
Most of these are because having a baby at that time would be 
inconvenient. The mother may be ill equipped to raise another 
child. Or her lifestyle may be cramped. Or the father may be 
unsupporting. She may fear that the child will be handicapped in 
some way. The parents may simply want the child to be another 
gender. Less than one per cent of abortions performed are a 
result of rape, incest or possible birth defect! The abortion 
advocate always fails to mention that! Remember the words of the 
Lord, "You have slaughtered My children".

     "For Thou didst form my inward parts; Thou didst weave me in 
my mother's womb. I will give thanks to Thee, for I am fearfully 
and wonderfully made..." (PSALM 139:13,14). It is by the Lord's 
design and plan that each baby is formed and matures to birth. It 
is an amazing and wondrous design. And we have already seen that 
God's plan for us is already at work from conception. How far 
beyond the ability of an abortionist to grasp the preciousness of 
human life! How blind our nation is becoming as respect for our 
fellow human beings continues to plummet! What kind of heritage 
are we leaving for those of our children who survive this first 
threat of their lives, the threat of abortion?
Reprinted From the Bradley Banner    
Bradley Church of Christ
Bradley, Illinois
March 4, 1990         
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