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Links to Bible Study Pages

Ed Barnes
This site contains articles by Ed under the "Some Things to Consider" link which are worth considering. Some have noticed a family resemblance between Ed and my wife. My wife is way prettier. Genes are funny things.

Warren Berkley
This is my co-editor's homepage. He calls it "WEB's Web Site". I wish I could do something clever like that with my initials too (JWQ). I've know Warren since the mid 70's when we both lived in Kansas. He has good links and a monthly article. If you like his homepage better than mine, keep it to yourself! If you like mine better than his, let us both know! Highly recommended!

Trevor Bowen
"In Search of Truth" is a very large site with a wide variety of good quality Biblical study material. It contains good audio material, articles, and downloadable material. There are also quite a number of links, and even a discussion forum! You can spend a lot of profitable time here!

Mark Copeland
Mark was such a tremendous help to Warren and me in getting Expository Files off the ground back at the beginning. He had only recently started publishing his "Executable Outlines" series and introduced me to the compiler I have used since that time. Mark's material is excellent! He has both topical and expository material.

Al Diestelkamp
"Think Magazine" is a very fine periodical which I have received for many years. It is now available online and I am very happy to give it a hearty recommendation. While Al is the editor of the publication, Matt Hennecke takes care of the web site.

Carey Dillinger
Carey publishes a bulletin called "Bible Insight." You will find these at his site (now on the third volume and counting). This is in addition to sermon outlines, links and other good information.

Pat Gates and Cindy Granke
The web site "Our Hope" is dedicated to publishing materials and functioning as a support group for women suffering from chronic illnesses or experiencing grief. It is also helpful to those who might be care-givers to those suffering from illness. Though the site is designed for women, the written material itself is helpful to all as it deals with maintaining hope and faith in times of trial, a common need of all.

Gary Henry
Gary's site is called "Brass Tacks" and is definitely a site worth visiting. Gary provides sermon outlines as well as many articles on contemporary religious and moral themes. Note the series on "What's Hurting Us Now?" and also check out the lighter side at "Curmudgeon's Corner".

Ferrell Jenkins
Here is a page called "Bible Studies Info Page" offering significant scholarly links related to the Bible. There are links here that I've seen no where else, but be sure to put your "thinking caps" on; many of these links are heavy on the intellectual side. Ferrell is a former teacher of mine; I took several classes under him at Florida College. He had good material even then; and that was way back in B.C. (Before Computer).

Carl McMurray
Carl's website is a very attractive, well done and informative effort called "Spiritbuilding Publishing." In addition to materials which can be purchased, there are many free Bible Study helps for download in many forms, including sermon outlines, MP3 audio files, PowerPoint presentations, bulletin articles and more. Also, there are some great links to helps for teachers.

Dan Petty
Dan and I went to school together back in the 70's. He is now dean of students at Florida College. His website emphasizes church history links. If you are looking for quotes by early "church fathers" this would be a good place to start. It is called "Lessons Online".

Steve Rudd
Steve has an excellent site. It is called "Interactive Bible". Lots on cults. Lots on Islam. This is the place for information and help in dealing with various teachings. There is other fine material here as well, Bible study offers, and good links here too, including every article from our own "Expository Files", arranged topically and by text, as well as by issue.

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