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                                            The DaVinci Code

No doubt you have heard of it, or you will. It is a fictional novel and also a movie. The author, Dan Brown, claims that is novel, though fiction, is based on reality. He claims the historical events really happened. The book is titled, "The DaVinci Code".

It is with mixed emotions that I consider this topic. While the motivation of those behind the book and the movie are wicked, they want to tear down faith in Jesus as God's Son and our Savior, I also know that it will provide opportunity for us to talk about our faith. It will cause people to ask us "Why do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God?" and I always look forward to the opportunity to tell others why I believe as I do (1 PET 3:14-16). That our faith is attacked is not new. This is merely another way to do it. By all means, prepare yourselves to take advantage of the opportunity to give answer to those who ask.

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The Manuscripts Disprove the Code's "History"


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